St. Alban's Church is one of the most popular venues in the North East for couples who want to marry in church and thanks to changes in the law more brides and grooms are discovering that they can get married in Earsdon even if they live elsewhere. All you need is a recognised connection. To see if you have the qualifying connection, make an initial enquiry via this website or visit

Once you have established a valid connection, the vicar will be happy to talk over the booking process and what to do next. He'll even supply you with a free 'wedding pack' to able you to start planning your ceremony.  There is a vast amount of further information to be found via

Temporary update for 2018: contact the church wardens : telephone 0191 252 3919 or 0191 237 3705

or E-mail this will be redirected to the church wardens during interregnum.


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